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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Update on Killer Pneumonia
It is a virus, it turns out, so I was right in my first instinct, and shouldn't have changed my mind. Oh well, I am very glad that the good doctors in Hong Kong have figured this out. They determined that it is a novel pathogen of the family paramyxoviridae or paramyxoviruses. These are a family of RNA viruses (that is, their genome is made up of RNA). Paramyxovirus is usually associated with animal infections, supporting the zoonotic hypothesis put forth earlier by Chris Rangel who has been on top of this for a while now. A related virus, Respiratory Synctial Virus, has been known to cause pneumonia for a long time. The parainfluenzavirus genus (HPIV 1-4) is responsible for mumps and measles. The doctors in Hong Kong have apparently been able to treat this with a combination therapy of antivirals and steroids.

(found via Seeing the Forest, who has also been on top of this developing story)