Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

A bit of posting on the non-science side. I am a firm supporter of Israel, but I have to ask myself, what were they thinking? Would killing a Hamas leader really accomplish that much? Is it worth killing children in the process? Even assuming that the Israelis who did this didn't know that they would be killing others in the process, it seems to me that it is immoral to take the risk of killing innocents when you can avoid it Could they avoid it? I am sure that Sharon and his gov't will say no, but that seems dicey to me. From the standpoint of "moral clarity", you don't want to look like you are callously disregarding the well-being of children!! In any event, this seems like a very big mistake for Sharon to have made, and it makes me very sad to see innocent children die in such a manner. Is this the same as a suicide bombing? Of course not. Is it right? No.