Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

I was just messing around, reading some other blogs, and I got curious about someone who has been criticizing "warbloggers" lately, a guy by the name of Neale Talbot, who runs a website called wetlog. In his blog, he accuses "warbloggers" of war profiteering, a charge that seems a bit overwrought, if you ask me, and is quite serious. Surprisingly, however, I made his list of warbloggers/war profiteers!!. This is amazing, because I get about 50 visits to my site a day, and nobody has ever left me a tip in my Amazon tip jar (not that I am complaining).
Is it really bad for people to hope to get paid for work that they do? I don't think so, but it is largely irrelevant, since the tip jar is optional!! Put a buck in it if you want, or don't. A way to look at it is incentive-if people gave me money for this, I would have an added incentive to do it more, or put more effort in it. I still do it though, for myself as much as anything else. If you don't put a buck in the tip jar, you can still read everything I write, for better or worse. You can even comment on it, and engage in a conversation of sorts with me, something that you can't do on Mr. Talbot's page. Reading further, I saw that Mr. Talbot has been doing this for a while, and claims that all the pre-9/11 bloggers who wrote to him support his view, while the post-9/11 bloggers were mean and nasty to him. Boo f--king hoo!!! I think this is a bit of bitterness towards professional writers like Andrew Sullivan, who have managed to bring their talents to a new medium with some success (I don't really care for his writing, but give credit where credit is due), and talented, hard-working people like Glenn Reynolds (and many others, who have become popular very fast by appealing to people with copious information and links. However, I am honored to be included in such company, and I won't turn away any visitors from that site.
As for the notion that you should be giving to the victims of 9/11 instead of bloggers, you should also cancel your newspaper subscriptions, magazines, sell your T.V., and donate all that money too, because they sell information and opinion about 9/11 too. (that's sarcasm, by the way)