Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

I lost my earlier post today, so here is a repeat. I will devote my space for the next week to a LONG and INVOLVED response to "Godless Capitalist", which will include discussions of genetics, heritability, and especially, a mathematical theory of intelligence that I subscribe to (it is my own creation, and I bear responsibility for any inaccuracies/fallacies that are in it). Anyone who is bored to tears with this sort of thing is hereby forewarned!!

In other news, Richard Bennett and other conservo-bloggers are venting over Geoffrey Nunberg's study of "liberal media bias". I have already bored myself to death on this topic, and their petty sniping is not raising the discourse. Follow the links and decide for yourself. One point; in Edward Boyd's "study", he showed that conservatives were labeled 30% of the time more than liberals, but in absolute terms, they were only labeled about 3.4% of the time. Doesn't this mean that about 96% of the time, no "biased" label is applied, even under conservo-bloggers most favored terms? I find it hard to equate this with a pervasive media bias. They also never answer Nunberg's point about significant numbers of English language foreign papers in the sample, which may well bias the sample. That's it-I won't comment on this ridiculous topic any more. (Yeah, right!!)