Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Monday, April 08, 2002

Here is a hilarious story (nicked from Avedon Carol about the new Crossfire on CNN. The link (New CNN 'Crossfire' has GOP turning the channel) and the relevant quotation;

Maybe it was Paul Begala's opening comments on the first day of CNN's revamped Crossfire that it was time to "kick a little right-wing ass" that angered Republicans. Or when cohost James Carville kept interrupting GOP Chairman Marc Racicot. Whatever, Republican leaders are blackballing the show. "The word is out: Don't go on; you'll get screwed," says a top Senate aide. Adds a House colleague: "It isn't a total boycott, but the show's last on our list to do." That's a blow for CNN, which has struggled to snare GOP guests as it battles with conservative-friendly Fox News. The complaints: Combative liberals Begala and Carville, both Democratic Party operatives, are too good at what they do, and conservative journalists Robert Novak and Tucker Carlson, who might see a nuance now and then, can't keep up.

In other news, on the playground today, several kids picked up their balls and went home!!