Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

That last post reminded my of the article about blogging (linked by many already) in Corante, a tech webzine, discussing the "link, quote, comment" format of most blog entries. I try to avoid it, because anyone who reads this has already gotten enough of that from the big guns of bloggage. The article also describes "Connectors, Link Mavens and Content Mavens" as the components of the blogosphere. Interestingly, this subject was covered a while back in the scientific journals, in the context of updating the "six degrees of separation" myth/idea. In effect, what was proven is that the "tipping point" of a network in terms of connectedness is much lower than you might think, as described in this article which may be information overload, but the central idea is that the network goes from sparsely connected to very close to fully connected in terms of the rate of information transfer well before there is anything near "full connectedness"(every node attached to every other node). This is actually fundamental to the Web, because it would be wildly impractical for every site to directly connect to more than a few dozen others. I think that this "tipping point" idea, which has been popularized lately, also brings back the idea of positive feedback loops, which I have mentioned before as important (sorry, I can't link into my archives this morning yet).
Update: Here is the article from before on Feedback loops in the context of global warming. Enjoy!