Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Monday, March 04, 2002

One serious note: I, like many others, was saddened to learn of the deaths of U.S. forces in Afghanistan; my heart goes out to their families and friends. Many of us, myself included, have strayed very far from the warblogger mentality since starting in this game. I have very little to add to any discussion of military tactics or strategy, and so will absolve myself of responsibility to weigh in on these matters. I sincerely hope that our men and women are successful in their efforts in Afghanistan and elsewhere. I also think that the rest of us would do well to remember that this is not over. It is easy to get cynical, and note that even after our apparent victory, there are still forces arrayed against us. It is also easy to remove once more into the more mundane and familiar realms of everyday life that surround us (Enron, Global Crossing, CA governor's race), or the standard argumentation fare; abortion, evolution, religion, guns, etc. All of the above are perfectly reasonable, even admirable things to discuss and argue about. Nevertheless, I will, from now on, try to pay more attention to the ongoing war. I may be critical of Bush administration choices (Does that make me a traitor, Sully?), but I support our fellow Americans abroad, and their goals of making the world a better, safer, freer place.