Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

One other note. A new blog that Ted Barlow mentioned called Busy, Busy, Busy has a fascinating (but broken) link to an article in the Korean Herald (I will dig the link up when I can) about cloning human somatic cell nuclear DNA into a Cow egg. I am sure many readers will have visions of half-man, half-cows, but of course this is impossible, since the egg has essentially no Cow DNA (just mitochondrial, which doesn't impact development). In any event, this is an interesting shift in the question. I wonder what objections Kass will come up with to this one? I think it sounds pretty cool. We already do experiments putting foreign DNA into various animal, plant, and bacterial cells, so why not total nuclear transfer? Sounds like a great way to get lots of stem cells to do research on. I guess now you can add PETA to the list of cloning opponents.