Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Monday, March 25, 2002

A couple of quick hits today;

Oscars: Ian McKellen and Peter Jackson were robbed because LOTR is Fantasy/Sci-Fi. A Beautiful Mind was good, but not that good. Halle Berry is the most beautiful woman on the planet (Charlize Theron, who they only showed for a minute, gives her a run for her money). Denzel should have 3 or 4 best actor Oscars, but that one should make him feel better.

I read Jeff Jarvis' site, and he mentioned Hollywood's aversion to showing the Towers, and it made me think of a movie I watched over the weekend, AI. First, the quick movie review; I didn't like it very much. The ending sucked, it was like a perverted 2001 ending, with wierd, futuristic robots doing stuff that made no sense. The first hour was ok, although they totally missed the point of what AI means. Maybe I will spend some time on that later. What really got me was the scene where Jude Law and Haley Joel Osment were flying into NYC to visit some guy who was going to answer their question. You could see the WTC in the entry shot, which made me think of 9/11 briefly. Then they flashed forward 2000 years (that's the crappy ending I referred to), and the Towers were one of the landmarks we see again. That's when it hit me, those bastards took that away!. Aside from the tragic loss of life, they took away a symbol of technology's everlasting impact on the world. Archeologists 10000 years from now may (or may not) find a picture or a reference to those towers, but they won't be able to see them, to touch the preserved foundations and lower floors, to infer their stature and mass from that piecemeal data. In short, an archeologist from the distant future will wonder if such a thing ever was built by 20th century people, or was just a dream, a bit of technical whimsy that was never acheived. I may be blowing this all out of proportion, but to me, that was a pretty big reminder of what really happened last fall.