Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Friday, February 01, 2002

Well, a bunch of good stuff just got deleted there, so I will just say this. Ashcroft, Thompson et al are going to overplay the abortion hand, and Dubya's #'s will come back to earth. Also, in a speech full of lots of Good v. Evil idealism (no shades of grey on this guy), did anyone notice an 800 pound gorilla of realpolitik in the middle of the speech? What do these people have in common; Pres. Khatami of Iran, Pres. Hussein of Iraq, Premier Kim Jong Il of North Korea(I hope that is right, I am too sick for fact checking), and Pres. Musharref of Pakistan? That's right, they are all unelected dictators!! Congratulations, you win the "spotting hypocrisy" prize for the day. When should we add Pakistan to the Axis of Evil? Oh, they already have a military dictator with nuclear weapons? Oh, then I guess we can let it go this time.