Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Sunday, February 03, 2002

In the interests of playing by the Sullivan Rules, ("disclose early and often, and if you are my political opponent, no amount of disclosure is sufficient to get me to stop mentioning your potential conflict of interest") I think that a major conflict of interest story is brewing in the Bloggy-verse, and that is of course Prof. Reynolds, and his so-called objective critique of Harvard (for examples see here, here, and here). Now, a quote from Dr. Reynolds' bio

J.D., 1985, Yale University(found on UT law bio site, linked in Dr. Reynolds' Instapundit bio)

Why, he has the shiny coat and stature of a Yale man, as Mr. Burns would say!!! Hmm, could a little intra-Ivy competitiveness inform Dr. Reynolds' "vicious attacks" on Harvard (full disclosure, I didn't get into Harvard, and didn't apply to Yale, but my alma mater is occasionally confused with "Harvard Med").
Just a little humor for a Sunday morning...