Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

If you want some Enron scuttlebutt and leads on the direction of the scandal, the place to go is Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall's website. His current perceptive question is, who were the partners in all of the "Limited Partnerships" that Enron set up? If these sweetheart deals were being made with people we might know (captains of industry, political figures), that could be where the real scandal comes out. In other news, Dick Cheney is still a stubborn cuss, who clearly has something to hide. Will we ever find out what?? Probably. Will we get a special prosecutor? Didn't that law expire? We will get to see all of D.C. change stripes as the Dems say a special prosecutor is necessary "to get all of the facts", while the GOP says that Justice can be impartial (as well as blind!!), and there is no need for a Ken Starr type (oops, did I say Ken Starr??? D'oh!!)