Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Friday, February 15, 2002

I just noticed that I have become a Ted Barlow fanatic (just kidding). I won't mention him again, so he doesn't get a complex. As an aside, there is a bit of a rebellion going on as Dodgeblog rebels against the hegemony of Glenn Reynolds, aka Instapundit. The blog of Dodge complains that Glenn did not acknowledge him for an e-mail link he provided (I don't know what the story was). I have to concur, the Prof is a bit slow to acknowledge. I have also noticed that he is loathe to provide links to the lefties, as opposed to the righties, although this is just a trend, and really just anecdotal (he didn't link my comments on nanobacteria, although he did acknowledge them). Let's keep the blogosphere civil, and lets try to make sure that we acknowledge each others' efforts and link to other blogs when possible, 'kay?? Play nice, children!