Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Friday, February 15, 2002

I haven't been paying too much attention to the news today, but the Olympic skating thing has gotten through the haze. If there was any doubt left about the utterly bankrupt state of the International Olympic Committee, this should seal it. I have watched very little of the Winter Olympics, and can't say that I am missing it. The only event I saw was the ski jump, and it just pissed me off! The guy who jumped the farthest wasn't in first place!!! This may not have been true in the end, but according to what I saw, part of the score was based on the color of his jumpsuit, or the style of his goggles, or some other BS. It seems to me that it is one thing to have some sort of tiebreaker for style, or artistry, or whatever, but when you have an event with an easily measurable outcome (jumps farthest, skates fastest, skis fastest, etc) then THAT SHOULD BE THE END OF IT!!! It's like breaking a hockey game tie by counting the teeth in the mouths of the players on each team, and awarding the victory to the team with the whitest ones (ha! gotcha!). Anyway, they have removed most of the sport and replaced it with pageantry and "heartbreaking stories of trial and tribulation." If everyone who got to the Olympics has overcome all odds, are we discriminating against the priveleged?? Enough for now.