Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Friday, February 01, 2002

As a budding young pundit with a total of about 400 hits on my site in 2 months, I now feel compelled to make some very bold predictions.
1. Dick Cheney is falling on his sword. My opinion is that he was given the job of doing all of the "alleged" dirty work for Dubya when it came to colluding with Texas energy buddies, and with his bad health to boot, he will announce at some point this year that he will not run for V.P. with Dubya in 2004, clearing the way for W/Rudy as an unbeatable ticket (if they can convince Rudy to play second fiddle).
2. The War will move to Iran and Iraq, possibly in one move that overthrows the mullahs, and sets the stage for a fight w/Saddam (BushII, the rematch)
3. The Democrats will successfully stall the "stimulus package", and the economy will recover on its own, but Dubya will still claim that his high-end loaded tax cut saved the day (there is no such thing as a business cycle when you are in power, only when the other guy is!!)