Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Friday, January 11, 2002

On an infinitely more esoteric note or two, I have become embroiled in a discussion with Will Wilkinson and Perry de Havilland (indirectly) about...Popperian epistemology. Sounds fascinating, I know, but anyone interested can link over there and check out the comments on "Popper? I don't even know her!". As an aside, when I was in college, it was "Liquor? I don't even know her!", but this is almost as good. I gotta improve my links section!!! I am also involved in a discussion of collisions with asteriods with Rand Simberg on Transterrestrial Musings. Both interest me, but probably no one else. I may have more disquisitions on these topics later (then again, maybe not!)