Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

I will just quickly add that I have started receiving a publication called the Wilson Quarterly, published by the Wilson Public Policy Institute at Princeton. It sounds a little snobby, I know, but it actually has some very good writing in it, although it is hit or miss. They have a pretty good website, with access to previously published articles. The one that is really interesting, though, is one not published on the site, called "The Value of Nature" by E. O. Wilson. Many on the web, particularly in conservoblog/libertarian blog circles, have dismissed his environmentalist writings, but when someone of his stature and knowledge writes or speaks, others would do well to listen. I don't agree with everything he has written, or in this article, but I think his viewpoint is worth considering. He and Ehrlich have been wrong, grandly so, about the population bomb, but they have also been right about many things for many years, and dismissing them without due consideration is, in my opinion, a grave error. I will come back to this someday (maybe). And now to bed, to rest my weary head...