Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

I haven't written much in the past few days, but I will be returning to the fray today a bit. Some items that I think are of note; Instapundit is as usual the place to go to find interesting stories, from often unusual sources. Although I am concerned about fragmentation of the blogosphere, the dedication and intellectual honesty of Dr. Reynolds is undeniable. I have put off weighing in on the Enron debacle, but I will post some impressions later today, if I have time. There were also a couple of stories I heard on NPR today that I would like to examine in more detail. A tidbit...according to a researcher interviewed today about her new book on the effect of divorce on children, the divorce rate has gone down, from a peak of ~50% in the late 70's to 43% today. That is almost a 15% decrease!! This does not appear to be a story, however. I draw inspiration from Mickey Kaus and his stories on welfare reform, and suggest that this story must eventually be told. It does not fit the narrative preferred either by the culture warriors (the main reason is that co-habitation is up, and the people never get married, thus they don't divorce) or by the "liberal media", who aren't sure how to spin it. In any event, no advocacy group is trumpeting, so the story doesn't get told?? I am going to check Lexis Nexis, and see what I find. In other news, check out Brian Linse for 1) Some good Enron stuff and 2) pictures of West Coast bloggers (I wasn't invited, sniff...). On second thought, you may want to skip those pics!! Also, the State of the Union is of course, tonight, and I wonder, will Dubya be up to it? The expectations haven't been talked down as much as usual, so people may expect coherent speech, and may be in for a surprise!