Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Friday, January 25, 2002

First, a quick note about "blogger bias". It seems that there are some lines being drawn, and I think it is worth noting them, and exploring ways to keep them from getting too restrictive. I have sent messages to Virginia Postrel and Glenn Reynolds about the Lynx hair case, which both have mentioned, either in passing in Ms. Postrel's case, and in somewhat more depth in the Hyperblogger's case. Neither has replied, or to my knowledge, examined the link that I put in my archived post. This may just be a case of the big fish ignoring a little fish, or simply being to busy to deal with this issue (IMHO, both are intellectually honest, scrupulous bloggers/reporters, whom I have great respect for). Nevertheless, they owe their readers information that may discredit the positions that they either espouse or link to. In any event, it is great to find independent voices on the web, that toe no party line, and I hope that they and others work hard to maintain that independence, and thereby hold onto the respect of fellow less-known bloggers.