Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Friday, January 11, 2002

The battle over Bias, the new book by Bernie Goldberg over liberal bias at CBS, is heating up, and the ad hominem fur is flying!! Sullivan and Goldberg and the rest of the Neo-Cons v. the "liberal" Slate magazine, and its editor, Mike Kinsley. What they are all missing, however, is Bob Somersby's excellent takedown on his site, The Daily Howler. If you want the real deal, not the b.s. back and forth, you must check that out. (Link on left). Everyone seems to have returned to their normal stances, and you really don't need to bother reading them all (If you have read anything by Sullivan or Goldberg, you have a pretty good idea how it will go, and the same roughly goes for Kinsley). It would appear that good writing is getting more and more difficult to find on the Web. I expect that my prose is not raising the bar!!