Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Thursday, December 20, 2001

One topic that he and others have been approaching is the anti-environmentalist book by Lomborg, reviewed very negatively in TomPaine.com. The review is very critical of the press coverage of this, and I have to say, people have been very uncritical of this work. Nevertheless, it is healthy in science for people to criticize the orthodoxy. They are often wrong, but their criticism spurs careful and earnest research in many cases. The lay public, however, would be wise not to jump to conclusions about the level of controversy. As a rule, the real discussion of important controversy takes place in journals, not in books. Books are a publicity stunt, and a statement that your research can't hack peer review. There are many uncertainties in climate science (a ridiculously difficult and complicated subject), just like many other controversial topics, but the basic principles are very well founded, and it will take more than one book to change that.