Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Monday, December 17, 2001

I posted these earlier, but blogger is f-ed up, so here they are again.

Here's something that I never thought I would say, being a good little Democrat (not to mention of Jewish descent!). I really don't like Joe Lieberman!!! He is pious and self-righteous in an incredibly self-serving way. He will attack the entertainment industry when it suits his political purpose, or go get $$ when he needs it from the same people. Now he is on the attack against W. for NOT putting the 20th hijacker before a military tribunal, instead indicting him in federal court. Gotta be tough on crime, right? Can you say presidential candidate? He said something along the lines of, "He's not a citizen, so he doesn't deserve the right to a fair trial that we citizens hold so dear." Now, this seems to be a common sentiment these days, but with all due respect, IT IS WRONG. All human beings deserve a fair trial in the U.S. and without. How can you complain about military tribunals and unfair practices in other companies, and then actively pursue them here? It's easy, if you are a hypocrite.

Posted 5:33 PM by Paul Orwin
Today has been an interesting news day, and I don't have much comment on it, because most has been said by my blogger idols/colleagues. One interesting issue I heard about today was Bruce Ackerman talking on NPR about the constitutionality of the ABM treaty withdrawal (they keep saying abrogation, but I really dislike that word). The question is whether W. needed congressional approval, and the answer seems to be, depends on who you ask? This maybe something that some enterprising young congressman/lawyer decides to take up to try and make a name for him/herself with. Look for it next Nov.

Oh, I forgot to post a link to the Lancet article. Registration is required, but it is free.