Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Monday, December 17, 2001

Here is why Jonah Goldberg is wasting everyone's time. The two truncated posts below are supposed to say what follows, but the blogger linkage is f-ed up (It could be my fault...). Anyway, first he argues that libertarians are just cultural libertines in conservative clothing (essentially), and gets lambasted by just about every blogger and small-l libertarian out there. Then he responds by half-apologizing to A. Sullivan in his column, followed by an admission that he is essentially for Gay marriage (civil unions, but this is basically the same way, a rose by any other name...) and legalizing pot!!! The problem here is that this guy can't make up his mind! Now, he writes in an engaging style, and to be fair, he has left opposition to abortion open to himself, but he essential HAS NO BELIEFS. Or at least, he has locked himself out of every self-consistent set around! Before I argue with someone, I traditionally try and figure out what I think. Maybe he should try it too.