Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Here is an interesting tidbit that deserves to be played up, researched, and if true, shouted from rooftops to decry the disingenuousness of Hollywood biopics. Andrew Sullivan reports, via Drudge, that the new Ron Howard flick A Beautiful Mind totally ignores the homosexual relationships in the brilliant mathematician John Nash's life. Now, I don't really care what his sexual preferences were, but if the pic purports to be based on a well-received biography, which apparently discusses these relationships at length, it seems odd, and distressing, that this would be left out. I looked at the reviews on Amazon, and only one of the editorial reviews (Kirkus) even mentioned homosexuality, but on the assumption that the screenwriters and/or the director (Howard, I think) read the book, they ought to have included what was doubtless an important facet of the man's life. I was going to probably see this (after LOTR, of course), but now I might just read the book. By the way, Sullivan is on fire today, so both of you should check him out!