Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Friday, December 21, 2001

Chris Suellentrop takes up the issue of A Beautiful Mind in a much more thorough way than I could in today's Slate. I recommend that you read his piece, as well as Dahlia Lithwick's (great name!!!) piece on the Supreme Court's decisions on Xmas/Chanukhah displays (I can never spell that right!). In spite of my rec, all 5 of you who have read this should go check these out. I hope the John Nash story continues to get covered, it seems an important (if not as weighty as others) issue. Sullivan has some more good rants about the hypocrisy of anti-gay critics. In short, it's ok, to them, if a heterosexual writer inserts tidbits about his/her relationships, but its making an issue of it when Sullivan does. A very good point, and I hope he keeps making it. Lots of people are uncomfortable with things that are different, but the Leon Kass yuck factor is not a relevant decision making process here (I just can't resist making digs at that moron!!).