Turned up to eleven: Fair and Balanced

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Also, don't miss Matt Welch's take on Instapundit's column on the fall of academia from grace. (Links are on the left, if I can get the page functioning properly). I hate to nitpick, but as usual the word academia is essentially being used to describe the humanities faculty, and science, math and engineering faculty are ignored. As an aspiring member of that community, I think that is a mistake. Faculty in the more practical subjects (well, except for math!!!) tend to have their heads a little closer to the ground, and I think are a bit more sensible in general. They are better able to separate the abstractions of their work from the practicalities of the world around them. Welch's juxtaposition of Reynolds and John Balzar of the LA Times is illuminating, and his speculations on the future of journalism is intriguing (perhaps we are returning to the origin of the word, where people are keeping a "journal" of events. One point, tho, is that we seem often to blur the line between opinion and news, to the point where few, if any of us, actually read the wire reports or news items. Is this a dangerous trend?? Maybe....